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Computer System Support

Emergency Response

  • Hardware or software failure
  • Virus infections & corrupted files
  • Recover lost data
  • Network connectivity issues
  • Connection problems


  • Install / update anti-virus software
  • Schedule effective anti-virus updates

Proactive Maintenance

  • Clean profiles for faster start-up and shut-down, while increasing hard drive space
  • Effective data back-up solution
  • Routine System Maintenance

Network Solutions: The right network increases productivity and lowers costs.

  • Centralize important files
  • Share peripherals (e.g. printers & faxes)
  • Share the same Internet access
  • Rely on effective back-up solutions

Whether you have a network or require one, 3D Network Technicians will ensure you get the most out of your investment.

cabling & security solutions Cabling & Security Solutions

If you're starting-up, expanding or rearranging, 3D Network offers affordable phone and data cabling services.

  • Protect your business. Improve security in your office.
  • Security monitoring systems
  • Closed-circuit TV (CCTV)
  • Card access and other security options

system maintenance System Maintenance

Maintaining Your System will:

  • Prolong life and reduce downtime.
  • Increase speed and free up hard drive space.
  • Promote a healthier office environment for a dust free system.

The 3D Network preventive maintenance program:

  • Clean all external components and the internal CPU
  • Utilize Microsoft Preventive Tools
  • Update virus software and signature files

System Relocation

Computer systems are made up of fragile parts that can easily be damaged during relocation. 3D Network Technology's offers experienced, bonded movers who carefully transport your entire network computer systems.

  • Install and configure the data and phone cable at the new location
  • Dismantle and tag
  • Transport
  • Re-assemble and test

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