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About 3D Network Technology

3D Network Technology was founded in 2005 and operates as a privately owned corporation. We developed roots in the IT sector where we specialized in managed services for medium- to large-scale clients.

A contributing factor to our success in the IT sector was 3D’s ability to stay on the pulse of technology and trends in the industry. 3D prides itself on our commitment to continuous learning and development with our participation in tradeshows and the ongoing training of our staff.

This commitment to excellence has led to a very successful and seamless transition into the security systems sector. Due to this growth, 3D has become an expert in providing comprehensive security solutions to our clients for over 15 years. Our established presence in the IT and security sectors gives 3D a competitive advantage when assessing and meeting the needs of our clients. 

Throughout 3D’s growth, we have made significant strides in becoming a reputable service provider for security, access control, and IT/cybersecurity. With the evolving cybersecurity risks faced by businesses, 3D works with clients to develop a comprehensive strategy to mitigate cybersecurity risks. We provide full assessments of their IT infrastructure and make the necessary recommendations to increase our clients’ protection. We work alongside our clients and their staff, providing them with training to keep them updated on any new or developing risks in this area.

Our organization has established a reputation for outstanding customer support with excellent response times. We develop open relationships with our clients which enables us to remain flexible to the ever-changing needs of their business.